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Vyaire Vyntus Body.png

Working with People Productions in Boulder Colorado, I created a variation of stills, animations, and image sequences for live interaction within a branded sales app. This project started with a CAD model with over 10,000 parts. I rigged and animated the model in Cinema 4D and rendered it in Octane with the final composite being done in Adobe After Effects. The goal of the renders was to show off and high light key features of the Vyntus Body through sliders, hotspots, and short videos. My Favorite renders and animations from this project showed specific parts of the device turning to glass so you could see the internal workings of the device and simulating airflow. Unfortunately, I can't share those here to protect Vyaire's intellectual property.

Still Frames.png
A1 Filter Still.jpg
Celling Fade Cover On_2018-10-04.jpg
Breathing Circut Main Image.jpg
Slider App (0-00-00-00).jpg
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