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RCCL Hype Show.png

Working with Melt Creative, we created visuals for a 45-minute long pop show titled Hype for Royal Carribieans Edge Theater. The video below is a cut down version of a 9-minute acoustic section in the middle of the show. We finished this show in the middle of the Atlantic ocean on the ship's maiden journey from Neice France to Ft Lauderdale Florida. We overcame many obstacles setting up a few worstations and render farm in a small bedroom on the ship but using Cinema 4D and Octane we could render the 6936x1200 pixel loops quickly and edit them in Adobe After Effects to meet the tight deadline.

Still Frames.png
House Look Intro.jpg
RCCl Hype Acoustic_17.jpg
RCCl Hype Acoustic_14.jpg
RCCl Hype Acoustic_02.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 3.49.24 PM.png
RCCl Hype Acoustic_08.jpg
RCCl Hype Acoustic_11.jpg
RCCl Hype Acoustic_16.jpg
RCCl Hype Acoustic_09.jpg
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